Oceana Suites

Terms & Conditions

Rights and Obligations of Oceana Suites

a.OCEANA SUITES provides the GUEST the lease of an apartment and its accessories, by paying fees and prices prevailing at the time of presentation of the service and according to the different plans available. The rate and plans are those agreed on the Entry Card signed by the GUEST. The provision of these services is subject to the availability and schedules, shifts, or physical stock of the supplies, commodities, facilities or spaces necessary for it.

b. OCEANA SUITES has the right to charge a reservation fee corresponding to the 100% of the total fee for each stay as a guarantee for the availability of the reservation made by the GUEST.

c. If the GUEST cancels the reservation fee will not be refund. In case the reservation fee has not been paid, 100% of the total fee for the stay will be charged.

d. All credit card charges made by OCEANA SUITES will appear as «DINEROMAIL CHILE» in the GUEST’s credit card statement.

e. OCEANA SUITES makes available the access to all of the information regarding fees, prices and times of entry and departure through it webpage, to which the GUEST is subjected. More information available at www.oceanasuites.com.

f. OCEANA SUITES has lien and pledge on baggage and good possession of rights that will be effective for breach of obligations agreed by the host. In this case OCEANA SUITES may have to retain the aforementioned baggage and goods for a period of (30) days from the date of the fault. After this period, OCEANA SUITES may freely dispose of the items pawned and their product to cover outstanding obligations including interest (20%)for costs and expenses.
The excess, if any, will be made available to the GUEST.

g. If OCEANA SUITES is unable to comply with a reservation accepted in writing, whenever they have been prepaid or it is deemed necessary to early terminate the reservation specified period, they must obtain accommodation for the GUEST at another establishment of a similar rate. Should the rate of the subtitute accomodation be lower, OCEANA SUITES will refund the difference to the GUEST, and if higher it will be assumed by the company. The decision will always be made by OCEANA SUITES, but it will seek to ensure the rates do not differ greatly.

Rights and Obligations of the Guest

a. If a reservation is cancelled after the limit established in each contract by the prospect GUEST, the penalty will be the price of the first night of the reservation, which will be debited from the card provided as a guarantee or the safety deposit provided for the same purpose.

b. The GUEST acknowledges the rates, fees and prices set by OCEANA SUITES and agrees on these being changed without notice.

c. The GUEST is obligated to pay the total or the remaining amount of the fee for the stay at the time of entry to the apartment and in any case at the time of termination of the permanence of the GUEST in it.

d. The hotel day corresponds to the following 24 hours from the time of entry established by OCEANA SUITES. The partial use of the hotel day requires the GUEST to pay the full rate of the day.

e. The check-in starts at 15:0​0 and the check-out time finishes at 12:00.

f. The GUEST will be liable for ordinary negligence of their duties and their companions’. Anyone not registered in the apartment to make use of the accommodation exclusively reserved to the guest must register and pay a surcharge of 100% of the current canon.

g. The GUEST agrees that the practice of sports, exercise, and generally any activity that may signify a risk to their safety, implies that the GUEST has the skills and knowledge that allows them to take those risks, and are themselves fully liable in the event of suffering any damage or injury, exempting OCEANA SUITES from said responsability.

h. The GUEST will not use the apartment facilities for social events or meetings that exceed the total capacity of the apartment stay. Likewise, the host declares to be responsible for their behavior and that of his companions into the apartment and ensure the proper use of the facilities. Any fine imposed by the building management or other competent authority related to noise pollution or other activities that harm the community are of full responsibility to the GUEST.